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Poster Session at PAF KIET

February 20, 2011 Leave a comment

Last Monday, on 14th February 2011, Once again I was invited at PAF KIET University but  this time the special thing was that, I was  invited as a guest for evaluating the Final year projects for undergraduates of  Computer Science students. The Event name was “Poster Session” which is organized by PAF KIET University every year where  students represent their final year projects in front of a professional panel of judges. Beside me in the event lot of other professionals were there and all of them came from well known companies.Experts related to every discipline were present and I was invited as a Computer Science professional to evaluate the FYP for the students.

The whole Event was distributed into three parts. In the first part the students were representing the banner or the poster(sort of branding there product/project) and verbally defining there advantages, benefits and features of the software, and the students were faced with questions regarding there projects by the jury. The second part was quite interested, as Dr. Irfan Hayder (Dean of PAF-KIET University) had a little speech which increased the motivation level of the students to some good extent, at the end he disturbed the shields to all the honorable guests including me :). Eventually in the third and last part, the session started to rock , the students  presented their projects on projector and that was a time where the professionals  evaluated the projects and gave them comments on their efforts.We tried not to demotivate any student , to guide them were they had been considered weak and to let them know where they need to go according to the standards of the industry . The last but not the least ,  refreshment and dinner for all.

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