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ASP.NET workshop at UIT(Hamdard University)

Last Thursday  I conducted a workshop on “Basic Web Programming Concepts, Introduction to ASP.NET and ADO.NET” at Usman Institute of Technology (Hamdard University). The workshop’s duration was spanned over 3 hours after interest shown by the participants, in which I talked about fundamentals and ground-level basic concepts for students .The key points of the workshop were, that students should have awareness of the web technologies and how they can work on it using ASP.NET. As it was not possible for me to could cover each and every aspect of the technology in detail considering the short time, I tried to make sure that I provide them with different flavors to generate their interest in the technologies they can use in making simple database-driven web applications.

In the workshop I covered the following topics:

Basic Web Programming Concepts

  • Different Between Client side and Server side
  • Role of the Web Server
  • Role of the Web Browser
  • Role of HTTP Protocol

Introduction to ASP.NET

  • Introduction to Web Forms
  • Difference Between HTML Server Controls and Web Server Controls
  • ASP.Net Page Life Cycle

Introduction to ADO.NET

  • ADO.Net Provider names
  • Working with SQL Provider
  • Difference between Dataset and Data Reader
  • Declarative data source such as SQL Data Source

In the end, I would like to express my gratitude towards all in attendance for showing their interest.


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