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Introduction to HTML5 at ACM Developer Day (National University FAST)

March 16, 2012 Leave a comment

Yesterday I invited at Developer Day Event which was held at Fast National University main Campus Karachi. The Event was organized by ACM-NUCES. I was there to share my knowledge and experience about the HTML5. That was a great experience for me and huge numbers of students were there to take knowledge about HTML5.

The Agenda of the Session was

  •  Offline / Storage
  • Realtime / Communication
  • File / Hardware Access
  • Semantics & Markup
  • Graphics / Multimedia
  • CSS3


I would thank to all, who participated in session and those were not able to take part of the session, they can take idea from my slides and demos, by the help of below link you can download the slides and demos.

sample code

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Tips n Tools to Start Using HTML5 Today! at MIC

March 4, 2012 3 comments

Yesterday, I invited at MIC (Microsoft Innovation Center) from the user group of Emerging .NET Devs, where I spoke about the topic on Tips n Tools to Start Using HTML5 Today!. As we know that, these days HTML5 is one of the most admired terms in the world of web application development. Beside that we have other challenge, that how can we make use of html5 on the legacy browsers, what kind of features can we adopt currently. As we know that htm5 specification is still in a process way and it will take time to complete it, but beside of these entire thing there are some features can adopt and should be incorporated to our current practices. I exposed all of these things in the session, which features can utilize today by the help of using ployfills. The Agenda of the Session was:

  • Defining HTML5
  • HTML5 as standard platform
  • Building Making your legacy browser understand HTML5
  • Semantic
  • JavaScript API
  • CSS 3


I would thank to all of those who participated in the session and made it interactive. You may find demos and ppt by clicking on below icon.
sample code

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Session Summary: Connecting Your Apps with Database at NED

October 6, 2011 4 comments

Today 10 October 2011, I was Invited at NED University for conducting a session of Connecting Your Apps with Database, organized by DevNext user group. The session for around lasted for around an hour where the core objective was to enable students connecting web applications with databases.

The agenda of the session was how to connect varies Databases like Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle with different server side platform like ASP.NET and PHP. There were a great number of technical audiences in front of me and really interested to learn something about the topic. I would like thank to all students for attending the session and for making it interactive.

I would like also thank to DevNext user group team especially Adil Ahmed Mugal and volunteers at NED for providing me an opportunity to have interact with students of one of the finest University of Engineering .

Here, I am going to share  sample codes with Database scripts and software links where you can find trial software.

sample code

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HTML5 Web Development to the next level Session at MAJU

August 10, 2011 1 comment

Yesterday I invited as a Guest Speaker at MAJU where I delivered one hour session on HTML5 Web Development to the next level. The session was organized by Microsoft Student Partner for the Computer Science students.

The session was quite great because number of audience more than 50 and they all were showing their keen to learn something about HTML5. It was really a good opportunity for me to deliver the introductory session on HTML5 to a great no. of audience. I started session with spoke about initial period of HTML5 and moved towards current state, where I covered various current browser supported features, TAGS of HTML5, JavaScript APIs and new features of CSS3.The great part of session when I stared to face questions from students at the end, they asked me lots of questions, they really wanted to know more about HTML5.


I would like to appreciate students interest and also thanks to all students who attended the session.

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ASP.NET 4.0 New Features Session At SZABIST

Yesterday I was invited in a session to speak on ASP.NET 4.0 New Features. The session was organized by Microsoft Student Partner for the Computer Science students at SZABIST.

We started the session with an interactive discussion with students to know interest in web development. Later on, I jumped to demonstrate the web basics and ASP.Net 4 features.

During the session, I briefly discussed the following topics:

  1. Features of Visual Studio 2010
  2. View State Improvement
  3. Cleaner HTML
  4. Routing in Web Forms
  5. Chart Control

I would like to appreciate students’ interest as during the session I could see a number of inquisitive faces and raised hands wanting to learn and know more about it.

For those who were unable to join can download the entire demos from folder shared below.

Please don’t forget to share your valuable feedback about the session.

Download Demo

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Overlay/Restrict the user during Postback

Last couples of months I have been doing a project which is going to end and I have learned some of new experiences. Here I would like to share one of my experience which might be quite simple but really worth able to makeover of the web application.

Most of the time we need to restrict the user during the post back otherwise user can click any other link or button on the page. It might not be so important in traditional website but if we have a web application where every click is responsible to perform the complex calculation or process, off course for completing the complex process the page gets the time for a while. Here developer needs to stop the user to perform any other clickable operation. I think we have various other options to handle that, here is some links to show that how can we handle it

I faced the issue to restrict the user and made a little trick which is suitable to my project. I made a simple DIV which shows during the post back with animated gif image. In my case I did not use any kind of ASP.NET validation controls and update panel for Ajax, I did all the validation and Ajax using JQuery, because I did not want add any external  file of the ASP.NET generated JavaScript on application.

Here is I make a little sample for overlay during post-back.

I have created an ASP.NET Empty Web Application and added a SamplePage.aspx. The page contains markup and references link of the external CSS, Jquery Library and JavaScript file.

<%@ Page Language=”C#” AutoEventWireup=”true” CodeBehind=”SamplePage.aspx.cs” Inherits=”Overlay.SamplePage1″ %>

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN” “”&gt;

<html xmlns=””&gt;

<head id=”Head1″ runat=”server”>


<link href=”Styles/style.css” rel=”Stylesheet” type=”text/css” />

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”Scripts/jquery-1.4.1.min.js”></script>

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”Scripts/script.js”></script>


<body onunload=””>

<form id=”form1″ runat=”server”>


<asp:LinkButton ID=”LinkButton1″ runat=”server” onclick=”LinkButton1_Click” >Click Link</asp:LinkButton><br />

<asp:Button ID=”Button1″ runat=”server” Text=”Click Submit” onclick=”Button1_Click” />





The style.css which is in Style folder contains the following CSS code for the overlay div.

#overlay {
         display: none;
         position: absolute;
         left: 0;
         top: 0;
         width: 100%;
         height: 100%;
         background: #041128;
         opacity: 0.5;
         -ms-filter: "alpha (opacity=50)";
         filter: alpha (opacity=50);

#overlay img {

Here is the filter properties for IE browser(IE7 &IE8) because IE(IE7 &IE8) does not support the Opacity property of CSS so that’s
we need to put IE filter properties to make it possible.

Now it’s time to add some JavaScript.

The script.js which is under the folder of Script contains the following code

jQuery(function ($) {

    $("<div id='overlay'><img src='Styles/images/ajax-loader.gif' alt='loading image' /></div>").appendTo('body');

    $('body a').each(function () {

    $('body input[type=submit]').each(function () {

    $('.is-overlay').bind('click', function () {
        setTimeout(ShowOverlay, 1);

function ShowOverlay() {

Here is the some Description of the above script

$(“<div id=’overlay’><img src=’Styles/images/ajax-loader.gif’ alt=’loading image’ /></div>”).appendTo(‘body’)

We have created an overlay div object and using the jquery appendTo method for adding the div on the page.

$('body a').each(function () {

$('body input[type=submit]').each(function () {

These methods for adding the is-overlay class on each ‘a’ tag and ‘input type submit’ button of page

$('.is-overlay').bind('click', function () {
     setTimeout(ShowOverlay, 1);

Now we have attach the click event on is-overlay class, you might be thinking that why I added here setTimeout JavaScript function and why
I do not directly show the overlay div here, so the answer is that if we direct call jquery show method than at IE(IE7 & IE8)shows the static image of the loading so it’s a way to animate the image on IE during the post-back.

Now here is one more issues, most of the modern browser FireFox and Safar cache the page, once we click the page and the new page has been loaded than if you click on the back button the overlay div will be there especially in FireFox and Safari, so here is way to resolved it, simple add the onUnload=”” attribute on the page body and that’s it.

I am not telling that is the best way but here is one of the suitable solution in my case and it’s just not for ASP.NET , I think it can be used in other languages as well

I hope that you enjoyed the post. Please share me your valuable feedback and commits so that I can write some more effective things.

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ASP.NET workshop at UIT(Hamdard University)

Last Thursday  I conducted a workshop on “Basic Web Programming Concepts, Introduction to ASP.NET and ADO.NET” at Usman Institute of Technology (Hamdard University). The workshop’s duration was spanned over 3 hours after interest shown by the participants, in which I talked about fundamentals and ground-level basic concepts for students .The key points of the workshop were, that students should have awareness of the web technologies and how they can work on it using ASP.NET. As it was not possible for me to could cover each and every aspect of the technology in detail considering the short time, I tried to make sure that I provide them with different flavors to generate their interest in the technologies they can use in making simple database-driven web applications.

In the workshop I covered the following topics:

Basic Web Programming Concepts

  • Different Between Client side and Server side
  • Role of the Web Server
  • Role of the Web Browser
  • Role of HTTP Protocol

Introduction to ASP.NET

  • Introduction to Web Forms
  • Difference Between HTML Server Controls and Web Server Controls
  • ASP.Net Page Life Cycle

Introduction to ADO.NET

  • ADO.Net Provider names
  • Working with SQL Provider
  • Difference between Dataset and Data Reader
  • Declarative data source such as SQL Data Source

In the end, I would like to express my gratitude towards all in attendance for showing their interest.


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