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I am Writing First Blog Post (Meet me)

January 22, 2011 Leave a comment

This is my first blog post, I am so excited to write something, Blogging is a real difficult thing you know, and starting is the worst part .Before going to forward I would like to give my short intro, who am I and how do I, so here am I.

My name is Waqas Yousuf and I am software engineer and Microsoft Certified Professional, I am interested to share my technical knowledge to others and I am so much enthusiastic to learn something new, so the pressure is on.

I’ve actually put off writing this post for nearly three weeks now. It’s not that I didn’t want to post but actually I wasn’t getting much confident to write it, finally my fellow friends was  guided me, Thanks to adil , fahad and salman for give me the confident , support  and your push forward .

When I am warring this blog I think about that why should I write and who will be read my blog,  because on the internet a lot of blogs have already lived but suddenly something come in my head that I’ll write because I am opinionated. I want my voice to be heard. I’ll write because I want to document my thoughts and knowledge , my experiences, and my life. I will write because it makes me think and it makes me remember. And I will write because I want to learn. I want to learn more about the things I am writing about. I want to learn how many times I can use the word “about” correctly. And in the very last it all might be useful and  beneficial for others.

I like telling people about the solution of technical issues, beside this I like telling people about the things and places and food I enjoy. I like giving recommendations. I like acting as a “Leader” and having my opinion count as something. I think blogging lets me do all those things in a bigger context. Especially now with the rise of social media, I can share my technical knowledge and favorite finds not just on a blog post, but also as a tweet, a Facebook post, or a Digg entry.

Now I put more thought and effort into my writing. I take more time, I do more research. I find that when I am writing about something I’m passionate about, my writing becomes better, smoother, more robust. I love how writing—and blogging—are not just about the activity; they are about remembering, learning, connecting, sharing.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my first post. Check back again soon for another completely new of the things rattling around in my head and from the technology world. Hopefully something cool will pop out.

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