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This page cannot be shown”, when creating web application in sharepoint through CA

January 25, 2014 Leave a comment

Yesterday, I created a new web application in SharePoint 2013 using CA, after showing “This shouldn’t take long” popup, IE showed me an error that “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage”, other browsers chrome and FF were not showing me an error page but taking too much time and I had to close popup forcefully.

Although a new web application was added into web application list, but that was corrupted and I could not have created site collection on it. After some research I found the reason why that was not working fine. During web application creation using CA, the request will time out as default CA site application pool Shutdown Time limit is 90. We need to increase it around 300 to 400. Now you can create web application without an error.
But what if we have corrupted web application item and we need to repair it. The solution is that, select the corrupted web application item and click on “Authentication Provider” button on the ribbon. It will show an “Authentication Provider” pop. You just need to click on default Zone and click save button.




That’s it, now corrupted web application has been repaired and it will add all missing files into IIS web application. You can create site collection on it. Hope this would help you.

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